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Beautilash & more! wants to help make your wedding event special. You should look your best on your special day. We are dedicated to helping you to look your best with eyelash extensions to make your eyes stand out and facials to make your skin glow.

Want your eyebrows to look perfect? We also offer inexpensive eyebrow/eyelash tinting and eyebrow sculpting/hair removal options. And when it comes to hair removal, don't forget your upper lip, chin, bikini line, legs and chest/back areas. We only use the finest waxing products to ensure gentle hair removal. However, to make sure that there is no redness following hair removal, we strongly encourage you to plan this at least a week before your wedding day.

Check out our Bridal Packages following the short article below on ways to ease stress for the bride.

5 Ways Eyelash Extensions Ease Wedding Stress For Brides!

If you’re getting ready to say “I do” to your man, we have got some news to share on why you might want to think about “Saying Eye Do™” to the addition of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions offer a bevy of benefits for any bride-to-be and it’s tough to narrow the list.

Xtreme Lashes President Jo Mousselli was asked to give her perspective, as a professional woman with an always full schedule, on the top 5 reasons eyelash extensions are indispensable additions for busy brides:

1 – Save Time (Pre-wedding):

Wedding preparation is hectic! There’s so much to accomplish and there never seems to be enough time for the bride to get to everything. Eyelash extensions are a great time saver! Brides can skip the morning makeup routine and make it to all their errands that much faster all while still looking fabulous!

2 – Save Face (Pre-wedding):

Stress and lack of sleep plague many a bride-to-be during the weeks leading up to the wedding. Eyelash extensions can create a well-rested, wide-eyed appearance and help disguise any signs of stress or sleep deprivation that often show on the face.

3 – Stay Fresh (Day of):

The actual wedding day is typically quite long for brides. Preparations begin early in the morning and celebrations last late into the night. With eyelash extensions, brides are photo-ready throughout the entire day with no need to stop for cosmetic touch-ups!

4 – Stay Flawless (Day of):

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful bride sporting raccoon circles of mascara around her eyes. Since just about every bride tears up at her wedding, eyelash extensions are the ideal solution to prevent any mascara mishaps!

5 – Set Sail (post-wedding):

Starting out a wedding in eyelash extensions extends into the honeymoon. For brides planning any post-wedding trips, eyelash extensions are the perfect travel companion. New wives can enjoy all the extracurricular activities at their exotic destination of choice with no fuss or muss and still look absolutely fabulous!


We have bride, mother of the bride/groom and bridesmaid specials. If you don't see exactly what you want, just ask us, we are flexible and can customize any package so it's as unique as your upcoming wedding.

As you can see from Jo Mouselli's message above, don't wait until the last minute to get eyelash extensions. Avoid any added stress and plan to get your eyelash extensions a week prior to the big day. Then the day of or day before,come in for a brief complimentary fill on any of our bridal specials.

Stress is the last thing that needs to show in your face and skin on your wedding day. We recommend starting a facial regimen a month before your big day to make sure you look fresh, rested and glowing.

Mom and Me Eyelash Extension Package

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions for you and your mom for 50% off one set. This applies to any of our three eyelash packages.

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Bride and Bridal Party Package

Give the bride a special gift for her special day. 25% off Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extension for each bridesmaid and the brides are free. There is a Four bridesmaid minimum to qualify for free eyelashes for the bride.

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Bridal Beauty: The 411 on Facials

-- By Renee A. Ramirez -- This article reprinted here from "The Knot

Want flawless skin for your wedding? Unfortunately, it's not something you can register for. Do the next best thing: Get a facial!

Facials are a beauty treatment many brides enjoy -- they feel indulgent and can ensure your skin looks its most glowing on your wedding day. A good facial includes surface cleansing, deep pore cleansing (sometimes including extractions), exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing. The combination of services you receive depends on your skin type; oily skins will get extra cleansing, dry skin extra-moisturizing treatments. If you've never had a professional facial before, here's what to expect:

Step 1: Consultation and Cleansing

The facialist will look at your skin, usually under the unforgiving glare of a bright light, and sometimes using a big magnifying glass. She may ask you questions about diet, exercise, skin problems, sun exposure, or skin care. Then she'll identify what she sees as your problems -- clogged pores, blackheads, dryness, etc. This is a good time to tell her when you're getting married and ask her to suggest a routine you can follow to ensure great skin on the big day.

Next, she'll cleanse your face with a mild cleanser, removing any grime and makeup you came in with. You'll probably experience this as a relaxing face massage. Then, your esthetician will exfoliate your face, either with a scrub or an AHA product, or both. The AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) your facialist uses has a higher percentage of acid than the kinds you can buy in a store; therefore, it gives more of an exfoliation. It sounds scary, but don't panic -- you may experience a tingling feeling, but it shouldn't hurt.

Step 2: Steaming and Extraction

At this point, your facialist may wheel out a strange-looking machine -- a steamer. It blows gusts of steam at your face, softening the skin, opening the pores, and preparing for extraction (the deep pore cleansing process). Different salons have different ways of doing this. At some, you'll sit up with your face over a pot of boiling water to which soothing chamomile herbs have been added. At others, your face is wrapped in warm towels, ever so gently coaxing those pores to open. This process can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

When your pores lie vulnerable and open to the waiting esthetician, she will get down to some serious work: extraction. This may sound like the scariest part of a facial, but for some of us it's by far the most important. How to put this delicately? Oh heck, the facialist wraps her fingers in tissue, or puts on thin rubber gloves, and squeezes your ... imperfections. She does what you do in the privacy of your own bathroom under unforgiving fluorescent light. And, yes, you actually pay her for this.

Though you may prefer to pop your own pimples (you shouldn't -- but at the same time, the thought of someone doing it for you is kinda yucky) there are benefits to having an esthetician do it: she has a lot of experience (believe it or not, squeezing schmutz out of your pores takes talent) and she works in a sterile environment, thereby reducing the risk of infection. A thorough extraction will cover your hairline, t-zone, cheeks, chin, nose, and some adventuresome facialists will venture into the neck and ear areas!

Step 3: The Fun Stuff

After extraction, breathe a sigh of relief and get ready for the fun part. After cleaning things up with a toner made for your skin type, the facialist will apply a treatment mask to close up the pores, tighten the skin, and get rid of any debris from the extraction process. Many salons use this period to give you a facial massage, too, using wonderful aromatherapy oils to soothe away the stress and impurities. For dry skin, a re-hydrating ginseng mask might be used, for oily skin, a detoxifying seaweed, and for sensitive skin, aloe vera. And don't be surprised if two or more masks are used, one right after the other. For example, you may have oily and sensitive skin. Plus, while the mask is on you may get a neck, back, and hand massage from your kind esthetician along with some good advice or gossip, then be left to snooze for a while so the masks can do their magic.

When all the gunk comes off, your face should be as smooth and pink as a newborn baby's bottom. Expect your facialist to apply a sunblock with at least SPF 15, especially if you've had an AHA treatment, because it makes skin extremely sun-sensitive. The cost? Anywhere between $50 to $250, depending on the treatments you have done and where you live. And be sure to get recommendations before you choose a salon -- you don't want just anyone picking at your face!

-- Renee A. Ramirez -- This article reprinted here from "The Knot


Package of 5 treatments - Get the 5th one free! one

RECOMMENDATION: We strongly recommend a 5 treatment regimen starting 5 weeks before your wedding to insure that your skin is refreshed, looking its best and glowing by your big day.

A WORD OF CAUTION: If you have acne, blackheads or blemishes, DO NOT wait until the day of or even the day before to get a facial that includes extractions as it may leave your face reddened in difficult to treat areas. In those cases we definitely recommend at least several treatments at least a week to two weeks ahead of your wedding with a final soothing facial the day before or day of your wedding.

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Waxing helps you to feel confident and keeps you looking great by removing unwanted hair at the root, new hair doesn’t grow back for up to eight weeks. Your skin will be softened using Satin Smooth Wax. We customize individualized formulas to ensure a comfortable and effective depilatory experience. Maximum hair removal with minimum discomfort.

The following are offered at 1/2 price with any Bridal Facial Package of 5 facials:

Eyebrow $20

Upper Lip $10

Chin $15

Underarms $35

Our Mission is to give you the best service, treatments and experience available.

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